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Complete Riot
This deluxe package is a re-issue of the highly acclaimed Quintessentials and Riot albums on one CD. These two albums were originally released for the 20th anniversary and received the best reviews of any release on NRA (Riot was originally on Cleopatra Records). The CD comes in a three-panel digi pack with lyric booklet. It is priced as a normal single CD

cnra02cd.jpg (12558 bytes) Various Artists "Hardcore Breakout 1, 2, 3,..." 3-Disc Set
Hardcore Breakout was a considerable success when it was released back in 1990. Spearheaded by three exclusive tracks from the leaders in melodic hardcore, (SAMIAM and JAWBREAKER), Hardcore Breakout 1 also showcased other sub-genres of punk from straight ahead hardcore to '77 style punk. A couple of years later volume two came out showcasing NO USE FOR A NAME and two hugely underrated yet original bands. 2 LINE FILLER and FIZGIG. It to sold briskly. Then came volume 3. It was delayed and delayed and somehow with a deluge of comps. from other labels and our massively well received "At War With Society" on our minds, it got put on the backburner. The truth is, it wasn't very good. Tracks coming in from some bands were not as strong as we'd hoped. Fans of NRA know that means it won't come out!!! Well we couldn't let the good stuff go to waist so over the years we have replaced the weaker tracks (Pissing off a few bands along the way), and ended up with an album every bit as good as the first two. Here we have exclusive tracks by THE DAMNED and ANTI-FLAG along with a host of unexpected gems. Why release it as a triple album? After the initial releases of volume 1 & 2 came hundreds of comps from dozens of punk labels. We gave them all the finger when "At War With Society" came out for just 99 cents retail. Where to go from there? Because the recording and mastering on the first two volumes has been paid for years ago and the price of CD duplication has dropped considerably we thought we could expose a new generation to this goldmine of punk at a price they don't have to think about. How can we top this? How about we package the next releases in the shirts off our backs?











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