Nov 1st, 2005 Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Subs on our short US tour, it was a pleasure - Nicky

Aug 19th, 2005 The UK Subs will play Gilman St. in Berkeley on the 7th of Oct. - DD

Aug 17th, 2005

Our friend Susan Dyner is a big step closer to releasing her film "Punk's Not Dead - The Movie" It's a feature length documentary with appearances by a who's - who of classic punk bands including UK Subs, Sham 69, Exploited and tons more. If you want to see the teaser clip, go to - Nicky

Aug 13th, 2005

Noise Annoys records from Poland have reissued the UK Subs A.W.O.L. with two rare bonus tracks. Teroristos (The bands knee jerk reaction to the 9/11 attack), and Phillips Environmental. Both tracks were recorded in Brazil in September 2001 - Nicky

Aug 12th, 2005

Stores: The classic Anti-Flag debut album, "Die For The Government" is now available WORLD WIDE from Mordam/Lumberjack as the European license is now finished. For more details go to Mordam/Lumberjack - DD

Aug 12th, 2005

S.O.S. records captured the 2004 British Invasion show in LA on video. The double DVD features The Adicts, The Exploited, UK Subs, Cockney Rejects, Discharge, Total Chaos, CH3, Resilience, NYrelx, Cheap Sex, The Voids and Rotting Stiffs. For more info go to SOS records. - DD

Aug 11th, 2005

The New Red Archives web site is soon to be overhauled. The new format will include both this site and the New Red Archives Media site. NRAM is our new audio book division and will in the coming year feature free 1st chapter down loads from our full cast dramatic audio books and other material for down load. New Red Archives will remain dedicated to classic Punk while NRAM is not punk related and will be portioned on the new front page. I hope this goes some way toward explaining the inactive on the site over the last year. - Nicky

Aug 11th, 2005

We are working on a reissue of the UK Subs Quintessentials and Riot albums together, (Now titled "Complete Riot"), for early 2006 release. It will be packaged in a deluxe digi pack. - DD

Aug 10th, 2005

The UK Subs are to play Wasted LA in October - DD

April 4th, 2004 We've got two new releases coming this summer. Both of these CD's are enhanced with video footage.

1) Kraut - Live at CBGB's Recorded in 2002 with the classic line-up.

Kraut.jpg (39816 bytes)

2) Ultraman -The Constant Weight Of Zero (Artwork to come) The long awaited 3rd album. And well worth the wait if we may say so. - DD

April 3rd, 2004

The UK Subs start their Canadian tour next week. Check the Tour Dates section - Nicky

Oct 22nd, 2003

The Night Crawlers (ex squat member) w/ The Skulls & The Weirdos Slims Sat. Dec. 13th The Weirdo's The Skulls The Night Crawlers-9:00 pm sharp - Nicky

Sept 8th, 2003

Just a quick word about this dreadful bootleg. It's so easy to make a CD - that's why there's so much crap out there. Well let me tell you Anti-Flag care about what they release. More than anything they care about the music they make. On the other hand is this "label" Liberation Records (Or whatever) just want to make cash from other peoples work/idea's/standing etc. The sound is beyond crap. It's not punk, it's not interesting, it's just a good old fashioned mugging and if you buy it, you're the victim. If you haven't heard the mighty Anti-Flag we invite you to buy Die For The Government, (On this Label), New Kind Of Army, (On Go Kart), Underground Network, (On FAT), Or Mobilize (On AF records) - Nicky

Aug 21st, 2003 Anti-Flag' European tour dates:

Thu. Aug 21: Hannover, Germany @ Kornstrasse
Fri. Aug 22: Dessorapark, Dessau-Oranienbaum, Germany @ Endless Summer, Unity Is A Weapon Festival
Sat. Aug 23: in Nonnweiler, Germany @ Primsrock Festival
Sun. Aug 24: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ Melkweg
Tue. Aug 26: in Cardiff, Wales @ MS 1
Wed. Aug 27: in Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Thu. Aug 28: in Sheffield, England @ Cooperation
Fri. Aug 29: in , Belgium @ Pukkelpop Festival
Sat. Aug 30: in Frankfurt, Germany @ Excess
Sun. Sep 21: in London, England @ Kentish Town Forum, The Gathering Of The Thousands - Nicky

Aug 21st, 2003 Anti-Flag's new album 'Terror State' is due out Oct 21st on FAT and they will kick off US tour supporting the album Oct through to march 2004. - Nicky

July 2nd, 2003

July, 2003 Andi from Snap-Her will be playing guitar for legendary Chicago based traditional Irish band, The Tossers. Their official guitarist is unavailable to do these shows, so she has been asked to do them in lieu.
16 Buffalo, NY @ The Mohawk
17 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
20 New York, NY @ CBGB's 313 GALLERY
21 Brooklyn, NY @ NORTH SIX
22 New York, NY @ PADDY REILLY'S - Nicky

June 30th, 2003

Cheryl (from Squat) has some shows coming up with 'The Night Crawlers'.
Alex's in Long Bch, CA. August 14th
The Garage in Hollywood, August 15th
The Loft in Oxnard, Agust 16th
El Rio on Mission St, San Francisco, August 23rd
Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca. Sept. - DD

June 27th, 2003

There's a bunch of new photos in the 'Something Big' Gallery. - DD

June 27th, 2003

Dead Lazlo's Place are playing a couple of shows
1) Thursday, July 3rd @ THE ROCK (Las Vegas) *The 4th Annual BIG LIZARD RECORDS Birthday Bash* Line-up - Dead Lazlo's Place | FFI | The Holy Moleys | bronson | Cute In The Face | Jack Moses | The Bargain DJ Collective
2) Thursday, July 17th @ THE GARAGE (Silverlake) Dead Lazlo's Place | Hollow Point (Seattle/Dirt Nap Records) | and more TBA
Maybe you want to pick up their debut album "Lonely Street" before the show? - DD

June 25th, 2003

The Kraut website is up and running. - DD

June 25th, 2003

More recipies up in Nrapropoganda. - DD

June 24th, 2003

There's a live DVD from CBGB's out called 'Punk From The Bowery'. It contains two songs by Kraut. 'Unemployed' and 'Kill For Cash' There's also a couple of songs by UK Subs from the mid eighties we think. - DD

June 24th, 2003

There's a brand new interview with Liz and Cheryl of Squat in the Post section. - Nicky

June 23rd, 2003

Squat news! While the various members of Squat are scattered around California and rarely come together for shows, Liz will be playing a couple of east coast shows with FHOLE.
Thursday 26th June CBGB's New York
Saturday 28th June Siberia New York
She is also playing with her new band Shambles on July 8th at Park Side in San Francisco - DD

June 23rd, 2003

There's a couple of new recipes up in Nrapropoganda. - DD

June 23rd, 2003

Vinyl collectors - Snap-Her 'It Smells, It Burns, It Stings...' Is coming out on Vinyl this year out of Germany. The track listing might be a little different to fit the LP format We will update you latter when we have more news. - Nicky

June 23rd, 2003

Some members of Ultraman are playing in a band called 'The Bars' (A Black Flag Cover Band), I got a flyer for a show at Hi-Point on the 28th of June for the 10 anniversary of GG Alan's death. Don't know where that is, but I assume it's in St Louis. - Nicky

June 22nd, 2003

Ten Bright Spikes third album (A mini) is finally coming out on Substandard records. It's called 'Crime Map' and was recorded in 1993!!! - JohnN

June 22nd, 2003

We are doing a repress of some of our classic colored vinyl releases. If you're a vinyl collector here's your chanceto snatch up these classics:- Kraut 'An Adjustment To Society' Red Vinyl. UK Subs 'A.W.O.L.' Blue vinyl, Samiam 'Don't Brake Me' White vinyl 10". Stores order them from Mordam Records. On sale in a month or so - DD

June 22nd, 2003

We have been working with the UK Subs unofficial web site lately and as the official one has been down for a while, this is the place to go with a great new history being posted shortly. Anyway check them out. - DD

June 21nd, 2003 I know this is not punk, but someone sent us this link - give it a listen (If you dare). - DD

June 21th, 2003

Live at the bottom of the Hill will be coming out on DVD. This 1995 concert was shot on 3 cameras and recorded digitally. It will be coming out on Cleopatra Records and features The Nukes, Jack Killed Jill, Social Unrest and Swingin' Utters. The Social Unrest footage features songs sung by both Jason Honea and the historic return of Creetin Kaos - JohnN

June 21st, 2003

Anti-Flag are in the studio doing a new album for FAT. - DD

June 20th, 2003 For those who were enquiring about how to contact Gordon Smith Guitars, they now have a web site. If you haven't heard them, Gordon Smith build the ultimate guitar for Punk bands. - DD

April 16th, 2003

Kraut have a brand new 'official' web site which is in the proccess of being constructed. Go to and check back and see how they're doing. They are really on a roll after playing CBGB's (One show in about 18 years - they must be exhausted). Who knows maybe they'll play another - Hey guy's that's a tour! OK I'm giving them a hard time, but from everyone who was at the show a huge thumbs up!!! -Nicky

April 16th, 2002

The UK Subs DVD (I don't know the label as yet), is being edited. It was a return to the Marquee for a complete re-union of the 'Endangered Species' line-up. Shot on four or five cameras with interveiw material it has yet to have a firm release date. -Nicky

Jan. 3rd, 2003

Happy new year kiddos. Look for updates for new releases soon. -JohnN

Dec. 3rd, 2002

We are curently in negotiations with the Nihlistics to reissue their early classic recordings. -Nicky

Sept 24th, 2002

Just a quick word about the Justin Sane solo album "Life, Love, and the pursuit of Justice". It may not have drums or Bass on it, and it is not an Anti-Flag album, but it is definitely not a cash-in-on-Anti-Flag album. Rather it is a collection of 1st rate songs, well arranged, well performed and raw. It Rocks. -Nicky

Sept 22nd, 2002

I got a CD in the mail this week from Mr Michael Anthony Nigro - (Mikey from Corrupted Ideals to you). Mikey left for Indiana University to study classical guitar and got his Bachelor of Music in 2000, he now is attending the Master of Music program at Fullerton CA. Unfortunately the CD, a program of Classical guitar music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century, is not commercially available - but I have a feeling we'll be hearing more from Mikey. -Nicky

Sept 21st, 2002

There's an update in the Skeptic section. -JohnN

Sept 13th, 2002

Our very own John Joh is the production manager of a new zine called AMP (American Music Press). It's free and the first issue is already out. Meanwhile Jason Honea (Social Unrest, Ten Bright Spikes and Knit Separates), has relocated to Berlin. There is serious talk of new Ten Bright Spikes recordings over there (As I live in Hannover). -Nicky

Sept 10th, 2002

The UK Subs "Very Classic" line up is booked to play at Londons Marquee club on Oct 24th. I say very classic because for the first time in 20 years the Harper/Garratt/Gibbs line up will be joined by the fourth and final member of the infamous quartet that recorded "Endangered Species" and "Diminished Responsibility", drummer Steve Roberts. Gibbs will be trekking from his home in the South of France, Garratt similarly from Hanover Germany for this historic Gig. Anti-Product to open. -JohnN

Sept 10th, 2002

Attention Snap-Her fans. Andi is featured in the new (#49) issue of Tattoo Savage mag. Also Accustomed to Nothing have been playing out again - who the hell knows where, but they are. -JohnN

Sept 10th, 2002

CALLING CHRIST ON A CRUTCH Jerry, Jerry Jerry, where the hell are you? We now have two royalty statements and bucket loads of cash waiting for you - please contact us. -Nicky

Sept 9th, 2002

Just listened to the Justin Sane (Singer from Anti-Flag), solo album. It's really very good, and I might say very brave as it's just voice and guitar. Some great songs. -Nicky

Aug 27th, 2002

The new V/A "Hardcore Breakout 1, 2, 3,..." compilation will soon be out. It's 3 discs for the price of 1. That's 75 tracks with exclusives and bonus material for $12.99 retail. Look for it in November. -JohnN

July 2nd, 2002 Under A Dying Sun's new record hits stores July 16th-ish. If you don't see it in store's, ask them to order it! UADS will be on a Summer tour with Box the Compass and the Assistant (NY). If you haven't seen UADS or BTC live, this is the time to see them. These shows will be crazy.

Also, End on End is currently on tour and will be out on the road in August and September. Their new record (CD/LP) will be in stores August 13th.. JohnN

July 1st, 2002

Yes it finally happened, Kraut played 2 nights at CBGB's and it went incredibly well. The club was packed and there were 100 kids up front singing the words to every song... It was a great time for both sold out shows on Friday and Saturday. More to come. - Nicky

June 25th, 2002

The word on the street is that Accustomed to Nothing is getting together to play some new shows. We'll let you know more soon.- JohnN

June 18th, 2002

Hardcore Breakout 1 & 2 are being reissued with the previously unreleased Hardcore Breakout 3 as a triple album. This massive set features exclusive tracks By Samiam, No Use For A Name, Jawbreaker, Shleprock, The Damned, Ultraman and many many more. For those appearing on the delayed Hardcore Breakout 3. Maybe you should contact us again to make sure we have your current address. Again, would someone from Christ On A Crutch update us on a current address. - Nicky

Apr. 19th, 2002

At last Anti-Flag play in Europe. Here's you chance to see the absolute hottest punk band in the world right now. Go to Tour Dates for listings. - Nicky

Apr. 7th, 2002 There's a new article written by Nicky in the Skeptics section. - John

Mar. 23rd, 2002 New Red Archives to declare war on Florida? I just would like to take this opportunity to say this would not have been a war against the people of Florida, just the administration what would implement this totally unconstitutional ban. - Nicky

Mar. 19th 2002

The new Jack Killed Jill record "Hello Neighbor" on GC Records has been getting great reviews. On this month's issue of Section M there's info on the new comp Jack Killed Jill (as well as Anti Flag, Chumbawamba, Jello Biafra, and more) are contributing to. It is for RAWA (Revolutionary Assocation of the Women of Afghanistan). Here's more info. They'll also be doing some shows with The Rubber City Rebels and The Stiches again. There's also a show at the Stork club in Oakland with the Diabolical Exploits. Don't miss out. - Nicky

Mar. 17th 2002

There is an update in the skeptic section of nrapropoganda sent in to us from our not-so-roving skeptic Suzy Shaw (And her buddy in rational thought Richard Dawkins) - Nicky

Mar. 12th 2002

Could 'Christ On A Crutch' and 'Ultraman' please get in touch your royalty statements and checks have been returned to us and current contact details are obsolete. - Nicky

Mar. 7th 2002 There's some new links up on the links page. - JohnN

There's a personal account by Nicky of sept 11th called "Half Way" in nrapropoganda/articals. - DD

Mar. 6th 2002 Something Big have a new drummer (Another Steve) and Sax Player Peter (Also a fine Table Tennis player) and are looking to start recording on their debut CD this summer. - JohnN

I would like to give a quick nod to the EPOXIES from Portland OR. They opened for the UK Subs last year, I made a pitch for them for NRA but they had already gone with another label. I'll keep you posted on that, but they are excellent and very funny so watch out for them. -Nicky

There's another recipe in the nrapropoganda/recipes/indian/main dishes - DD

Mar. 5th 2002 Jack Killed Jill have a new album out on GC Records called "Hello Neighbor. Artwork is by our very own John Joh. Marx is playing Table Tennis also these days - I knew that guy would go places. - Nicky

Samiam are taking a hiatus right now. James is working on his new management company called "Fenders rule" (just kidding - it's an inside joke), his company is called Primed Entertainment, he's also just released a book about touring called. "Tour stories and other 3rd grade tales". You can get it via his company. It's a must for fans of Samiam or Social Unrest. Meanwhile Sergie's new band Solea are touring and recording. - Nicky

Badtown Boys are doing some recordings right now, I don't know if this is demos or an album, but it features the old classic line-up! - Nicky

Mar. 4th 2002 Anti-Flag have released their forth album "Mobilize" on AF records. This will be available through an exclusive distribution deal between Mordam and AF. It is a mixture of new recordings and live material.They plan to release their next album on FAT again. - DD

Talking of Ex NRA bands now on FAT, we haven't heard too much lately from Swingin' Utters, but No Use For A Name are very busy. They have secured a spot on Warped 2002 and are playing a European tour. In addition NUFAN are in the studio working on the next FAT release. - Nicky

Mar. 3rd 2002 The upcoming UK Subs European tour will not feature the original members Alvin Gibbs and Nicky Garratt. The line-up is Alan Campbell, Jason (From The Enemies), Simon (From zero tolerance) and of course Charlie Harper. - JohnN

There's an update on the reviews page. - DD

Andi of Snap-Her has a feature/interview in Varla Magazine. - DD

There is an article "You Must Obey" by Nicky in the Nrapropoganda/articles section. - DD

Rumor has it that former Corrupted Ideals members Paul and Mikey are thinking about starting a new band. Mikey has completed his degree in music but it seems he still has a taste for the raw stuff. So a big finger goes out to all the Genesis/Yes wanna be's who said 'punk would never last' and 'they can't even play'. - Nicky

There's an update in the indian recipes page. - DD

Mar. 2nd 2002 There is an article added "Where To Stand" in the Nrapropoganda/articles section. -DD

Dec 28th 2001

The Box the Compass and the This Computer Kills cds/lps are at the plant now and will be done very soon. The Box The Compass 10" LP has a cool embossing on it. It's a must have. Keep a lookout for it in Febuary 2002. Have a good New Year holiday.-JohNN

Nov 25th 2001

Nicky's currently living in Germany for the time being. - JohNN

Oct 9th 2001

The This Computer Kills CD art is in progress. I'll have a posting for you all soon. Be sure to check this band out! - JohNN

Sept 28th 2001 The US & UK Dates for UK Subs are up in the Tourdates section. - DD

Sept 26th 2001 There is a brand new photo of the UK Subs in their area of the Bands section, taken in Brazil only a week ago. The drummer on this photo is Enemies drummer Jason Willer who will also be on the US tour. Meanwhile John has been working on artwork for a new Jack Killed Jill CD (apparently for another label) - DD

Sept 26th 2001 Anti-Flag are in the studio working on a new release. We at NRA thought the last album on FAT pretty much rocked!!! - Nicky

Sept 25th 2001 The UK Subs US tour starts on Wednesday 3rd Oct at the Covered Wagon in San Francisco. Alvin Gibbs opted not to participate due to personal reasons, the bass player and full tour dates will be posted in the next few days. - JohnN

Sept 7th 2001 The Original three members of A2N are playing again, that's right after many line up changes, 3 US tours and various recordings: Leif "the lucky" Nothing, Omen Starr and Kristian Rock are back in buisness. Brian Hood is currently in a band called Strichnine and was unavailable for comment. Although Brian was a guitar player on the first NRA CD release, he was not in the band during the desert years and only joined after moving A2N moved to Berkeley and shortly after the first tour left the band. A2N is currently rehearsing a set of new material along with a catalog of old clasics like; 25 cent ring, Uniform, Rich Cabesa, Apathy and many more. Look for them to be playing some local bay area shows and follow up with a new album and possibly a world tour. - JohnN

Sept 4th 2001 The full dates for the UK Subs South American tour are up in the Tourdates section. - JohnN

August 29th 2001 The first confirmed dates for the UK Subs South American tour are up in the Tourdates section. More to follow. For the upcoming US tour the Subs opening band will be THE EIGHT BUCKS EXPERIMENT. Again dates to follow - DD

August 16th 2001 There's some Dehumanized dates coming up. See the Tourdates section for details. - JohnN

August 15th 2001 There's some updates in the UK Subs site in the Bands section. - DD

August 14th 2001 A blast from the past - apparently PED (officially NRA's first release) will be doing their first show (with original line-up), in more than a decade. I will try to bring you more details soon. - Nicky

August 13th 2001 Although they forgot to let us know, it seems Dead Lazlo's Place have been playing out again around southern California. - Nicky

August 12th 2001 There's a new UK Subs fan site. It's a bit shaky with some of the facts, but it has some interesting stuff on it. - JohnN

August 11th 2001 The UK Subs will play a tour of south America next month - this will include Brazil, Argentina and Chili. Tour dates to follow. In addition and to answer the many inquires, the Subs will be touring the USA later this year and again the dates will be posted soon. - JohnN

August 10th 2001 Ultraman continue to play out now with original guitar player Rob Wagoner. There are some new unreleased recordings and much talk......... stay tuned! Meanwhile Cleopatra Records have released a tribute to Nirvana called "Smells Like Bleach" The UK Subs have one track "Stay Away" on it. Other bands on this release are Vice Squad, Flipper, Dr. Know, Blanks 77, Vibrators, D.O.A., Dee Dee Ramone, Agent Orange among others. - JohnN

August 10th 2001 In the marriage dept. Congratulations to Andi of Snap-Her and Alvin of the UK Subs who both recently got married (Not to each other). - Nicky

August 10th 2001 The very underground hardcore punk band Christ On A Crutch have two tracks on the indi film "A Year in the Streets" put out by the Cascadia Media Collective. This film documents the revolutionary movement against capitalism.To find out more check out their site - Nicky

August 10th 2001 Snap-Her have been busy in Europe playing Holidays in the Sun. They have a new split CD (not on NRA) with Left Alone containing five brand new Snap-Her tunes. - JohnN

August 10th 2001 Watch out for the return of Accustomed To Nothing with 3 original members. In rehearsals as we speak with new songs and show? - Leif

August 10th 2001 The remainder of the New Red Archives catalog will be available from Mordam Records next month. - Nicky

August 1st 2001 Substandard/New Red Archives will be releasing Reno's This Computer Kills. Look for details soon.. - JohnN

June 11th 2001 We have some Reagan Youth lyrics up in the Reagan Youth Band section. Check them out here. - JohnN

May 6th 2001 NEWS - The following titles will be available from Mordam Distribution at the end of this month.
Anti-Flag - Die For The Government
Reagan Youth - Volume 1 (LP)
Reagan Youth - Volume 2 (LP)
Reagan Youth - Collection Of Pop Classics
Samiam - Samiam
Samiam - Soar
Samiam - Billy
Various Artist - At War With Society - JohnN

May 5th 2001 NEWS - We have deleted the following titles and they will be reissued by FAT Wreck Chords in due course.
No Use For A Name - Incognito
No Use For A Name - Don't Miss The Train
No Use For A Name - Death Doesn't Care
Swingin' Utters - Streets Of San Francisco - JohnN

April 2nd 2001 UK Subs will play HITS this summer and have settled their differences with the promoter. - JohnN

April 1st 2001 What's going on with New Red Archives?
Some people were asking if the site was down because there hadn't been an update in months. Well it was..... almost. The truth is a combination of several things led to the inactivity.
1). I was on tour for 3 months in Europe with the UK Subs and my Labtop was not able, for some reason, to connect with the Internet.
2). We had a virus on the main system, so when I returned we had to re-install everything - still in progress.
3). We are in the midst of a few deals which will radically alter the way we do things. Stay tuned on that one.

For the time being I am pleased to announce that our new distributor is Mordam Records If you are unfamiliar with them (where have you been the last decade and a half), they have a wonderful reputation for all things punk, and sell to stores, chains and distributors both in the USA and all over the world. More on Mordam later.

As anyone knows we have the best mail order service out of any of the punk labels. We send out your stuff, priority mail the same day as we get the order (free of shipping charges) and our prices are great ($12 for a CD). As many of you can attest we often slip in free stuff like buttons or magazines for the hell of it. However with my touring schedule and the fact that I don't want to accept credit cards. - I don't know why? We are looking at restructuring that side of NRA and will make a choice soon to provide an alternative but comparable service. It will most likely be a new address. Again stay tuned. - Nicky

Nov 20th 2000 The UK Subs Timewarp tour 2001 tourdates are in the Tourdates section. - JohnN

Nov 16th 2000 The UK Subs European tour 2001 starts in January. - JohnN

Nov 15th 2000 The new UK Subs album will be out early next year on Cleopatra records. It's called 'Timewarp - Greatest Hits' and is the 21st official UK Subs album. (Not counting albums like A.W.O.L. and 'Live At The Roxy 1977'). It features 'Classic' line-up recordings of some of the best songs from the first five years of the UK Subs. Including 'Warhead' 'C.I.D.' 'Emotional Blackmail' and 'Countdown' I'm sure we will be carrying the album on NRA mailorder. Artwork by our own Mr John Joh!!! The UK Subs also have a Nirvana track on an an upcoming Cleopatra tribute album. - DD

Nov 15th 2000 I'm back in the office. The tour went well - special hello to Runnin' Riot from Belfast, Beerzone from Scotland and the Oozies from San Francisco all who played a bunch of shows with us. Also Madcap who opened for us in Los Angeles and were voted (by the members of the Subs) as the best band to play with us. If you've never seen them and you like 77 style punk with great songs and melodic vocals - they are the bomb! I think they're from LA. - Nicky

Sept 22nd 2000 The Something Big site has been updated in the bands section. - JohnN

Sept 21st 2000 The new banner on the front page will take you to DEI mail order. Along with NRA titles they carry thousands of other Cd's, LP's, 12", Tee shirts, books, calendars and more. - Nicky

Sept 21st 2000 There's some new articles in the Nrapropaganda section. - DD

Sept 20th 2000 Due to Nicky's increased commitment to the UK Subs all wholesale orders are now handled by our distributor Dutch East India Trading. Please contact them for prices and terms. Their temporary phone number while moving into their new offices is (516) 630 6000 - DD

Sept 20th 2000 I had to re-post the hilarious open letter to Dr Laura in the skeptic pages of the Nrapropaganda section. - Nicky

Sept 20th 2000 UK Subs tour dates for the USA ar up in the Tourdates section. - DD

Aug 18th 2000 For more information on the UK Subs no show at Morcame click here. - UK Subs

July 18th 2000 Important announcement: The UK Subs will NOT perform at Morcame on Friday due to a dispute over contracts. - JohnN

July 18th 2000 Just another reminder that the NRA office will be closed for three weeks starting monday 22nd. Mail order will be on reduced service. - Nicky

July 18th 2000 Anti-Flag are on tour again, we don't have the dates but suggest you go to their site to investigate. - Nicky

July 17th 2000 The UK Subs tour ends at the Morcame festival this weekend. The Subs will play Friday night. They have just finished recording a mini EP/CD for the French Label "Combat Rock" it's called "The Revolutions Here" and features the reggae version of Thunderclap Newman's "Something In The Air" which they have been playing live on the current UK tour. The US tour starts on Oct 6th look out for dates in the tourdate section as soon as we have them. - JohnN

July 17th 2000 The office will be closed from 22rd of July until august 16th. There will be a reduced mail order service - it won't be our speedy "same day" turn around. All other business will be suspended. We're on vacation in Turkey! - Nicky

July 16th 2000 Could there be a Corrupted Ideals reunion in Indiana? That is the question! - JohnN

June 9th 2000 The worlds most positive band is back. Yes Crucial Youth will be playing the following shows:
July 8 - Asbury Park NJ @ The Saint w/Good Clean Fun
July 22 - Boston MA @ Bill's Bar w/Good Clean Fun, Dillinger 4 DI" - JohnN

June 9th 2000 Elaine will not be drumming for Snap-Her on the upcoming gig's.... She will, she won't, she will, she won't.... we just don't know anymore! - JohnN

June 6th 2000 A message from Andi (Snap-Her): "The next Snap-Her show will be this Saturday @ the VAULT in Pomona,CA. Yes, it used to be a bank. it is located off of Gary St. on 2nd street. The bands, in order of appearrance will bePistol Grip, Fully Loaded, Snap-Her, The Generators and Vicious Rumours (from the UK) The show begins at 8 p.m. and it is an 18 & over show..... -ANDI" - JohnN

June 3rd 2000 There's a review of Curly's Airships an incredible piece of music and words by Judge Smith and featuring Strangles members in the reviews section. - Arabella

June 2nd 2000 There's a bunch of Snap-Her shows listed in the Tourdates section. - Arabella

June 1st 2000 Tommy from Badtown Boy's announced this week that the original line-up has reformed, which includes Greg & Chris Keith. More on this later. - Nicky

May 31st 2000 UK Subs are recording an album for Cleopatra records next month with Sex Pistol producer Dave Goodman. Prior to this recording the band will make an EP for a French label again with Dave Goodman. Stay tuned for details. - Nicky

May 31st 2000 Elene, is back drumming with Snap-Her. She is still performing with Exene from X as well. This is great news for Snap-Her fans. - Nicky

May 29th 2000 Another recipe has been added to the Indian recipe section of Nrapropaganda section. - Nicky

May 27th 2000 The UK Subs tour is going! Alvin is back but now Tommy is gone, replacing him is Pumpy from Vice Squad. - Nicky

May 18th 2000 The UK Subs tour was going well. The Berlin festival and French show were both great and a couple of shows in the UK were great. However Alvin has had to get further treatment for the illness which struck him a few years back and will miss show up until Sunday. That will be Manchester tonight and both Derby shows. Sorry to anyone who was eager to watch him play. Replacing him on those shows is Richie from MDM. - Nicky

May 1st 2000 Arabella and I are both out of the office for the next three months. Emily will be fielding promotional inquires and Dolores will be running things. Please hold all demos until September. - Nicky

April 16th 2000 Snap-Her are playing with Midnight Evils on Thursday the 20th of April @
Club Mesa in Costa Mesa, CA. This is a 21 & over show and is located at 842
W 19th Street at Placentia the phone number there is (949) 642 8448 - Nicky

April 10th 2000 We have a new promotions girl called Emily, Chick has left NRA and is managing a band in San Francisco. Emily will be dealing with radio and zines. Be nice to her! - Arabella

April 5th 2000 Another batch of cartoons are up in the Humor section of NRApropganda. - Arabella

April 3rd 2000 Even more cartoons are up in the Humor section of NRApropganda. - Arabella

April 2nd 2000 More cartoons are up in the Humor section of NRApropganda. - Arabella

April 1st 2000 Accustomed To Nothing April tourdates in the Tourdates section along with a new review of their live show in "Caught in the Act". - Nicky

March. 31st 2000 More cartoons are up in the Humor section of NRApropganda. - Arabella

March. 30th 2000 The first of the UK Subs tour cartoons are up in the Humor section of NRApropganda. These are cartoons of actual events from the European tour 2000 (Most greatly exaggerated) - Arabella

March. 29th 2000 The first UK Subs UK tour dates are up in the Tourdates section. - Arabella

March. 29th 2000 Libertine will be on tour soon, check here for dates. - JohnN

March. 28th 2000 A bunch of live reviews for UK Subs shows have been added in the "Caught in the Act" section of Tourdates, courtesy of UK Subs UK Site. - Arabella

March. 27th 2000 Anti-Flag are touring with H2O. Check their web site for dates. - Arabella

March. 26th 2000 After making a deal with emusic, most of the New red Archives titles are now available on MP3 format. Go to to order by song or full album. Also check back with emusic for exclusive mp3 releases over the coming year. - Arabella

March. 19th 2000 We are still looking for interns. You must 1) be local to the Bay area. 2) fully understand it's a non paying position. On the other hand you will get into a bunch of shows for free when our bands are in town, get some free CD's, learn computer skills for free and learn about the indi music business. Not bad really. Email us - Arabella

March. 19th 2000 The Official Snap-Her Web-site has been updated and is looking really good now. Check it out at Also check out our Snap-Her site with older images and articles in the bands section. - JohnN

March. 19th 2000 We are pleased to feature a new exhibition of Glen E. Friedmans photography. Glen has two excellent books out - "Fuck You Heroes" and "Fuck You Too". To find out more go to his web site Burning Flags  Go to the Gallery section to view his historic never before published Reagan Youth photos from New York's infamous A7 club circa 1981 and exclusive rare UK Subs shots from the Peppermint Lounge Circa 1982. - Arabella

March. 2nd 2000 Squat are playing at El Rio (3158 Mission) in San Francisco this saturday (4th March) with Hotbox and Barfeeders opening. - Nicky

March. 2nd 2000 A brand new Social Unrest site has been developed by a fan in France, not too much in it yet, but the content that's there is worth checking out. - Arabella

March. 1st 2000 There's a short, exclusive, interview with John of OS101 (formally Hogan's Heroes) in the Post section. - Arabella

Feb. 28th 2000 There's a short, exclusive, interview with Darius Koski of the Swingin' Utters in the Post section. - Arabella

Feb. 26th 2000 Can I just say a word about Libertine. The 2nd album "See you in the next life" on Substandard records (through NRA), is getting a lot of attention. Could all distributors check there stock and re-list this. If you didn't listen to it, give it a spin. I think it's a fine album, a bit like mid-period Clash. - Nicky

Feb. 26th 2000 We are looking for interns! If you have some time on your hands, like the stuff we do on NRA, are reliable and not a drugged out hippie. Email us. We might need some street team people, but not until we get the office interns in place. This is a non paying position, but it's a good exposure to the business and who knows down the road..... - Arabella

Feb. 26th 2000 Nicky is back. - JohnN

Feb. 22nd 2000 Gizz from Dead Lazlo's Place sent us a new link for their website. It's now updated in the bands section. Check it out here:! - JohnN

Feb. 17th 2000 The Official Snap-Her Web-site is up, it's sparse, but it's there. Andi and company will be adding more to it soon! Check it out at! - JohnN

Feb. 16th 2000 FYI, Elaine has left Snap-Her to join Exene Cervenkova's new band, the Original Sinners. - JohnN

Feb. 15th 2000 The Snap-Her Notice Board page has some new line-up photos. Click here to check them out. Check out their new logo too! - JohnN

Feb. 14th 2000 The tour in Europe is going well. Nicky will be back in town soon. - JohnN

Feb. 12th 2000 Snap-Her has a new line-up. Check back for details and photos soon! - JohnN

Jan. 3rd 2000 Tommy Couch will be the drummer for the European leg of the "Classic" UK Subs world tour. Tommy is the drummer for Britain's "One Way System" who will be taking a few weeks off while Tommy tours with the Subs. He played a few shows for the Subs on the UK part of the tour when the regular drummer got sick. - JohnN

Jan. 3rd 2000 I'm outta here.....  Yep, I'm back out on tour on Wednesday. Arabella will be in charge again while I'm gone. She did a great job while I was away on the first half of the tour so don't panic. There's a few updates. 1) The distributor page has been brought up to date. 2) A few things are updated in the Bands section. - Nicky

Dec. 28th 1999 The "Go Home" leg of the UK Subs world tour is now documented in the UK Subs pages of the Bands section. The UK Subs would like to thank all those who helped us on the tour and those who showed up during the bad weather to see us play. - Nicky

Dec. 22nd 1999 I'm back! The UK part of the UK Subs world tour was quite a trek (We have dubbed it the "Aguire the Wrath of God" tour - Charlie Harper plays Aguire!) All will be explained as the new tour diary unfolds later this week in the UK Subs pages of the Bands section - Nicky

Dec. 5th 1999 Remember, the Crucial Youth new releases are here. Get "Posi-Machine" and "Singles Going Straight" now!! Distributors interested in the two new Crucial Youth CD's should talk to Arabella. Also if you don't have it, get yourself a copy of the Libertine "See You In The Next Life" from SubStandard Records. Add $6 and get the Various Artist "Here We Are Nowhere" compilation. If you like the "At War With Society" compilation, you'll like this one! - JohnN

Dec. 4th 1999 I fixed that link to the Message Boards. Go there and post something you punks! Ask us questions. I swear, if we know the answer, we'll tell ya. Questions to Nicky might be slow since he's on tour with the UK Subs. - JohnN

Dec. 3rd 1999 The UK Subs European Tour Dates are up in the Tour Dates section. Paul Slack (ex bass player) has given Charlie a 'Dance Remix' of I Live In A Car!
This will be available on the site soon. - JohnN

Dec. 2nd 1999 The UK Subs are already producing new material! The Subs spent last Thursday rehearsing for the UK Tour and wrote a new song. It is now part of the live set! There is an additional European date:
Jan. 7th, 2000 at Rotterdam, NL, Baroeg. Go check them out if you are in the area. - JohnN

Dec. 1st 1999 UK Subs CDs are available on the Internet. You can now buy the following UK SUBS CD's at:
  • Another Kind of Blues
  • Brand New Age
  • Crash Course
  • Diminished Responsibility
  • Endangered Species
  • Flood Of Lies
  • Gross Out USA
  • Huntington Beach
  • In Action
  • Killing Time
  • Normal Service Resumed
  • Occupied
  • Peel Sessions 1978-1979
  • Riot
  • Sub Mission
  • The Singles 1978 - 1982
  • Down On The Farm
  • Punk Rock Rarities
  • Warhead (new compilation)
  • Europe Calling
  • Punk Singles Collection
  • Charlie Harper / Urban Dogs ~ New Barbarians - The Best Of

    And the following 7" singles
  • War On The Pentagon
  • Day of The Dead
  • Cyberjunk
    (The first 25 copies of each of the 7" singles are signed by Charlie
    Harper / Nicky Garratt / Alvin Gibbs!)

- JohnN

Nov 29th 1999 The Crucial Youth "Posi-Machine" and "Singles Going Straight" are in!!! Distributors interested in the two new Crucial Youth CD's should talk to Arabella. Also be sure to pick up your copy of the Libertine "See You In The Next Life" from SubStandard Records. - JohnN

Nov 29th 1999 Nicky is on tour with the UK Subs in Europe, check back for updates soon! - JohnN

Nov 18th 1999 The classic UK Subs tour rolled through London, Along with co headliners
Angelic Upstarts and Anti-Nowhere League, Social Chaos veterans "The
Business" and "Vice Squad" showed up. - JohnN

Nov 18th 1999 The classic UK Subs line up finished the first UK Show in Bristol see you all at the London show on the 20th with the Angelic Upstarts and Anti-Nowhere League. - JohnN

Nov 13th 1999 Nicky will be on tour with the UK Subs from Monday 15th Nov until the 20th of December (Updates in the tourdate section). Distributors interested in Libertine or the two new Crucial Youth CD's should talk to Arabella. Try not to Email stupid questions to him like - "I'm in a punk band, do you want to hear my demo?" just send it in to - PO Box 210501 San Francisco CA 94121. Arabella and Chick will take care of the normal running of NRA - you know goofing about, throwing shit around etc. - JohnN

Nov 7th 1999 Classic Mixed vegetable samper recipe in the Indian recipe area of the Nrapropaganda section. - JohnN

Nov 3rd 1999 More recipes in the Indian recipe area of the Nrapropaganda section. - JohnN

Nov 3rd 1999 Important Notice! The remainder of the Dead Lazlo's Place tour has been cancelled. Sundays gig at Zeros in Corpus Christi Texas ended with gunfire at the DLP show when a youth who was ejected from the show for fighting returned with gun blazing. In addition to shooting up many of the cars outside the club, he randomly shot into the club. No one suffered serious wounds, but Gizz did get hit in the left upper arm. As Gizz is drumming and singing on this tour it is impossible for them to continue. The shot that hit Gizz was one of four that ripped through the DLP van. - Nicky

Nov 2nd 1999 Recipe for Chayote squash with nuts in the Indian Main dishes section of the reorganized recipe section. - JohnN

Nov 1st 1999 There's a huge update in the recipe section of the Nrapropaganda section. It's reorganized with new recipes added. - JohnN

Oct 29th 1999 The Classic UK Subs line up European dates are up in the tourdate section. - Nicky

Oct 27th 1999 I've got a couple of letters from someone from CWP (Chicano With Pride). In these letters this guy (Manuel) accuses NRA of putting out a KKK CD. After the first letter, I carefully explained that this is not true but still he writes again with childish threats. He doesn't actually say which CD it is - and I don't really care because we are record label not a racist group. As most people know we have a black punk band (Dehumanized), Chicano band members (Dead Lazlo's Place & BadTown Boys) and a bigger % of female bands than any other punk label I can think of. The only thing we have with any KKK reference is the Reagan Youth stuff. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to mistake that as pro KKK, but if they did let me tell you - the late Dave I (Reagan Youth's singer) was Jewish (David Rubinstien). If you want to write to Manuel his address is PO Box 582 Santa Paula CA 93061-0582 - Nicky

Oct 27th 1999 The new Squat 7" (on their own label), should be coming in soon - have you checked their new site in Bands section. - Nicky

Oct 18th 1999 There's a lot going down here at New Red Archives. Over the last two years I've been asked what's going on with NRA because we have cut way back on our releases. The two main reasons are: 1). There are two many punk records being released and I didn't want NRA to be part of the problem. 2). The business of music is changing enormously, with this in mind, I have been working with John (Joh) to strengthen our hand on the internet. This site has steadily grown over the past five years. We are now getting around 5,000 hits a week! One reason people keep coming back is because we update very regularly, sometime several times a day - and it's all free. This is all great, but we need to stay ahead to make sure New Red Archives stays one of the biggest hub sites for underground punk. Some of the major areas we will be working on is credit card payments (OK we're late with that one), A movie theater, expanded magazine (NRAPropoganda), and a closer relationship with SubStandard Records which is now distributed by NRA. (Go to the Catalog section to see two new SubStandard releases and two new NRA releases). Of course, as most of you know I still tour and record with UK Subs and Something Big and will be in Europe for 3 months with the Subs starting on 11/15/99. While I'm away Arabella will run mail order, John will run the web site, and Chick will run promotions. - Nicky

Oct 18th 1999 Dead Lazlo's Place are about to embark on another US tour and will be going to Europe early next year. If you're unsure if you should check them out go to the Gallery section and give them a listen (There's four DLP sound files there). Also the tour dates have been updated in the tourdate section. Oh yeah and singer/drummer Gizz Navarro is the same Gizz who stood in on drums for the UK Subs on the Social Chaos. - Nicky

Oct 18th 1999 Distributors, the onesheets for the two Crucial Youth CD's are posted in the distribution section. You will need a password for this secured section, so if you don't have one, or have forgotten it please email me - Nicky

Oct 16th 1999 Two more recipes, Pine Nut pâté & Moroccan Fava bean paste in Arabic Recipes section. - JohnN

Oct 14th 1999 Recipe for Lentil soup (with Rhubarb) in Arabic Recipes and another John Nikolai photo in the Gallery section. - JohnN

Oct 14th 1999 Dead Lazlo's Place 1999 tour dates in the tourdate section. - Arabella

Oct 14th 1999 Some photo's from the Something Big show are posted in the Something Big Gallery in thier site in the Bands section. - Chick

Oct, 13th 1999 There's a fan review of Accustomed To Nothing in the tourdate section. - Arabella

Oct, 8th 1999 Anti-Flag are on tour again, we don't have the dates but suggest you go to their site to investigate. - Nicky

Oct, 8th 1999 A Gallery has been added in the Something Big site in the Bands section. Not much in there yet - hold on! - -Chick

Oct, 7th 1999 There's a new gallery featuring the photography of John Nikolai of New York. These shots are of the UK Subs on the 1999 Social Chaos tour and are located in the Gallery - JohnN

Oct, 6th 1999 More updates in the Something Big site in the Bands section. - -Chick

Oct, 5th 1999 More photos up in the Squat gallery go to the Bands section! - Arabella

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