Anti-Flag Tour dates 2006:

April 14th Washington D.C. - 9:30 Club
April 29th Meerhourt Belgium - Groezrock Festival
May 2nd Saarbrucken, Germany - Garage
May 3rd Stuttgart, Germany - LKA
May 4th Munchen, Germany - Elserhalle
May 5th Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachtof
May 6th Amsterdam, Netherlands - Wasted Festival
May 9th Manchester, England - Academy 2
May 10th Birmingham, England - Academy 2
May 11th Glasgow, Scottland - Garage
May 13th London, England - Astoria
May 15th Koln, Germany - Live Music Hall
May 17th Paris, France - Le Trabando
May 18th Lindau, Germany - Club Vaudeville
May 19th Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamo
May 20th Milano, Italy - Transilvania
(Warped Tour)
June 15th Columbia, Maryland - Merriweather Post Pavillion
June 16th Columbus, Ohio - Germain Amphitheatre
June 17th Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Marcus Amphitheatre
June 18th Minneapolis, Minnesota - Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
June 19th Kansas City, Kansas - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
June 21st Antioch, Tennessee - Starwood Amphitheatre
June 22nd Jacksonville, Florida - Jacksonville Fairgrounds
June 23rd Tampa, Florida - Vinoy Park
June 24th Miami, Florida - Bicentennial Park
June 25th Orlando, Florida - Tinker Field
June 26th Ladson, South Carolina - Exchange Park Fairgrounds/Heritage Motorcycle Rally
June 27th Raleigh, North Carolina - Alltel Pavilion/Walnut Creek
June 28th Atlanta, Georgia - Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre
June 30th Houston, Texas - Reliant Center
July 1st Dallas, Texas - Smirnoff Music Centre
July 2nd Selma, Texas - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
July 3rd Las Cruces, New Mexico - NMSU Practice Field
July 4th Phoenix, Arizona - Cricket Pavilion
July 6th San Diego, California - Coors Amphiteatre
July 7th Pomona, California - Los Angeles County Fairgrounds
July 8th San Francisco, California - Pier 30/32
July 9th Fresno, California - Fresno Convention Center
July 11th Ventura, California - Seaside Park
July 12th Los Angeles, California - Dodger Stadium
July 13th Sacramento, California - Sleep Train Amphitheatre
July 14th Eagle, Idaho - Treasure Valley Speedway
July 15th Seattle, Washington - Gorge Amphitheatre
July 18th Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Thunderbird Stadium
July 20th Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Race Speedway
July 22nd Salt Lake City, Utah - Utah State Fairgrounds
July 23rd Denver, Colorado - Invesco Field
July 25th Maryland Heights - Missouri - UMB Bank Pavillion
July 26th Cincinnati, Ohio - Riverbend Music Center Lot
July 27th Burgettstown, Pennsylvania - Post Gazette Pavillion
July 28th Indianapolis, Indiana - Verizon Wireless Amphiteatre
July 29th Detroit, Michigan - Comeric Park
July 30th Chicago, Illinois - Tweeter Center
Aug 1st Buffalo, New York - Darien Lakes PAC
Aug 2nd Fitchburg, Massachusetts - Fitchburg Airport
Aug 3rd Camden, New Jersey - Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
Aug 4th Scranton, Pennsylvania - Toyota Pavillion
Aug 5th Uniondale, New York - Nassau Coliseum
Aug 6th Old Bridge, New Jersey - Englishtown Raceway
Aug 8th Charlotte, North Carolina - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Aug 9th Virginia Beach, Virginia - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Aug 10th Bristow, Virginia - Nissan Pavillion Lot
Aug 11th Clevland, Ohio - Tower City Amphiteare Lot/N Coast Harbor
Aug 12th Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Molson Park
Aug 13th Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Parc Jean Drapeau


A2N scared the hell out of this college crowd. There were fights and beer spitting sing along punk rock mayhem.
nobody knows how they got this gig, and myself being an impartial observer was not prepared for this...
A2N fucking rock, they played solid loud, angry happy, punk rock..
They seem to know what they are doing, and I later found out they have been together in various forms since 91.
The singer is a fireball of energy keeping his bandmates in musical check, moving from slow melodies to viscous assaults of tempo and rage.
I was Impressed, hope to se them again soon.
Jesse 12th march 2000


UK SUBS (2/12/00) Folken, Stavanger NORWAY
Well, what can I say. The gig is 30 minutes old, my ears are ringing and I feel great. I talked to the Subs before the gig and they said that the tour in Norway was good. Lots of people on all the gigs. In Stavanger there were between 100 and 150 people and they made a lot of noise. I got Charlie and the boys to sign my warhead single and the poster from "Another Kind Of Blues" LP. I also brought with me some old pictures from some gigs at the 100 club. The band really enjoyed them. I asked to see the list of songs that they were going to perform and said, aren't you going to do "Countdown"? Charlie then said "If you want to hear it, we'll play it.
Back to the gig. The warm up band "Lint" was good and the last song they did was "Dead Cities" by the "Exploited.
The songs performed by the UK Subs were: Warhead, Stranglehold, New York State Police, Endangered Species, Emotional Blackmail, Countdown (by my request, thanx to the subs), Party in Paris, C.I.D., Cyberjunk, Police State, Organized Crime, I Live in a Car, Crash Course, I couldn't Be You, Teenage, and 3 or 4 songs that I don't know the name of.
The response from the crowd was enormous and the UK Subs really enjoyed themselves.
Charlie was smiling and laughing, Nicky Garratt was great on guitar. I would say he is a great guitar player. Alvin Gibbs did his stuff and Tommy Couch really gave it all. The whole band had a lot of energy on stage and it really rubbed of on to the crowd.
The biggest moment of the evening was "Warhead". The response from the crowd was really good. Nicky Garratt hit a home run with his guitar on a plastic cup during "Warhead" This tune really hit the roof.
UK SUBS did two encores (That really pleased the crowd). On the last song Charlie called in Lint and they did it together. Nicky made the crowd throw more plastic cups up on stage so he could hit them with his guitar. This guy is full of energy, he was all over the stage. The gig was fantastic. UK Subs really know how to deliver. Did anybody say legends?
Heinz Haugen 13-Feb-2000

I have been listening to U.K. Subs since 1980 (when I heard "She's not there") and practically grew up with their music. Been seeing them for a couple of times over the years but always felt pity not seeing the Harper/Garratt/Gibbs line up. Now at last, at the age of 32, I finally got the opportunity. My expectations couldn't have been higher.
After a 9 hours trip by train I arrived to Hultsfred, after being picked up by the one who arranged the gig I got my 4 room apartment (for 15 pounds/night!) and got the band as neighbors. Went to the club "Metropol" at 07.30 the support act (a deathmetal band) was doing soundcheck. Took a couple off beers and spoke with sweet T-shirt girl Zoe. Nicky was waking around, came by, asking who I was, shook hand, chatted. Not too many people when the deathmetal band started playing. Had a word with Charlie and Alvin in the bar. Great guys, telling me unavailable information about Essex girls.
By 11.OO the band started up with Cyberjunk but the audience was a bit lame. Disease, State of Alert, Go Home (great new song) and some in the crowd started moving. Squat 96, Endangered Species, Emotional Blackmail, Crash Course and their starting to get warm
(especially Nicky jumping up and down with teenage spirit) Countdown (with a little bit of death metal singing by Charlie) dedicated to the support act. C.I.D, New York state police, Riot, Warhead and they're al fantastically well performed. Stranglehold, Tomorrows Girls,
Party in Paris and it's just great A short pause before the encore and then Limo Life, at last! (hadn't heard that one live before.) Police State, Teenage and it's over.
Had a word with Nicky after, great guy, friendly, keen on trying to answer any questions. Charlie told some stories from last time in Stockholm, when Brian Barns was attacked by fascists. He didn't seem to be too happy about the thought of returning to the Swedish capital again. Too bad, it would save me some hours on the train.
Summery of the evening: Charlie was great of cause, Nicky was full of energy and a thrill to expire, Alvin did a good work with the bass, and last but not least, the new drummer Tommy was brilliant! Finally I just gotta say I love this band! The audience was probably far from the wildest they fronted on this tour, and they sure didn´t got the response they deserved, but they proved to me this is the real thing, this is band, this is the U.K subs! I´ll hope they stay together for a long time touring, putting out new material and making us all happy.
Thanx for a great evening (and for the lift back to the apartment). Next time I gotta catch them up with a wilder crowd, (maybe in Lillehammer?)
Erik Nilsson 19-Feb-2000

UK SUBS: (1/20/00) , Palace Akropolis, Prague 3, Czech republic
Its minus 5 degrees outside, sleety snow falling and a wind sharp enough to shave you as we arrive at the Akropolis at around 7.00pm. So what better way to warm things up than a hefty dose of the Subs on a bleak but unfortunately typical winter evening in Prague.
They always seem to come here in the Winter though. Last year around this time they played the Rock Cafe although it was Charlie and well , Subs for the Subs. Great show played note for note, but……
We hit the bar for a couple of brews and take it in. Mohawks abound, a handful of skater types, punk rock fans young and old and the few serious nutters which you can count on like clockwork to be here and to mash the place up. No comment.
Not much either to say about the two support bands. Hardcore by numbers to which the Czech language lends itself quite well but interest dwindles after about the first fifteen minutes of each and the atmosphere feels like its saving itself solely for the Subs even if the other guys bring a few loyal supporters with them. A couple of the Subs crew start setting up the kit with various people running past with guitars and amps as I start in the direction of the balcony when all of a sudden I do a double take. Fuck me its Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks what's he doing here ? I take a moment to regain my composure and then my companion informs me that Pete Shelley its not and that Alvin Gibbs it is, but odds on he could play the bassline to „ Ever fallen in love" if you asked him to. Needless to say I don't and we retire to the balcony getting a decent vantage point as the Subs stride on. They crash into „C.I.D." and after about 20 seconds its apparent what was missing the
last and only time I´d seen the Subs before…. Nicky Garrett. Its the reason I listen to all types of music at home but frequent punk rock gigs as often as possible. Its energy. He´s up on the monitors, He´s scissor kicking the air but most of all he´s enjoying himself and that fuels the rest of the band and in turn us the audience. Charlie´s on form too clutching the mike stand and spitting out his words to "Go Home", "Squat 96" and "Emotional Blackmail" amongst twenty other classics. The biggest audience singalong of the evening is of course for "Warhead" though my personal favorite is "Endangered Species" six songs in, even if the soundmix started to get a little muddy afterwards. Nicky and Alvin find themselves unlikely babe-magnets throughout the gig attracting a couple of Czech beauties to dance punk rock tango for a few of the numbers. Charlies the one who gets the kiss at the end of the set however before they all storm back on to encore with "Rockers"," Limo Life" and "Party in Paris" with, it has to be said superb drumming holding it all together. I collar Nicky at the end of the show to get a set list and we chat quickly about the New Red Archives web site, his Burt Bacharach covers band and cookery books! Nice bloke, Great band and a pounding gig. Thanks a million and I´m sure I speak for the rest of audience when I say "Come back next Year", but how about in the summer, eh ?
Loz Stabler 21-Jan-2000

UKSUBS (1/14/00) SO36, Berlin Germany

The two day long wait was not as hard as the last wait ;-) Me and my brother arrived a bit late (around 5:30pm) at the SO36 and the band was already in, so we could not help carry things in this time... But we slipped in through a side door and were stopped shortly by one of the SO36 staff, but when she asked Kurt, it was ok.
We chatted a bit here and there said hi to Charlie and the rest, but they were kind of busy with sound check preparations, Charlie was working hard to get the Subs back drop in place. Then the played the usual All I wanna know and Squat 96 (cos Tommy had a question concerning one break and so they played it) The sound was unbelievable loud without not too many people in the hall, the bass drum was a real ear smasher. But a dog was sitting there in front of the stage, watching Charlie very attentively, because he gave him some sandwiches
some minutes before.
Then Charlie came off stage to check the band sound. That was the moment my brother took to give him the harmonica. Charlie immediately started to play on it, Nicky and Alvin saw it and started to play the I Couldn't Be You riff, They discussed the song a bit and played it three times! The third version was perfect! They all said that the song is now back in the set list and they looked pretty happy saying that.
Then the two support bands (The Voice and She-Male Trouble) had their soundcheck and we had talks and food. My brother and a friend took Nicky to a flat where he could check his e-mail (he was worried, because a week of (Not) Po(ssible)land was ahead ;-). I decided to stay in the hall and join Zoe a bit at the merchandise stand while the support bands were on.
When it was time for the Subs I went closer to the stage to see the gig. The set list was the same (plus I Couldn't Be You, Minus All I Wanna Know), but the gig was different. Due to all band members being pretty tired there was a little less movement on stage, but still enough for everyone's taste.
This night's highlights were: - Nicky climbed onto the bass drum (as he did in Hamburg), but decided to jump behind the drums, it was pretty funny when he came back to the front of the stage, because he and Paul (the roady) had to watch the entanglement between the cable and the cymbal stands (maybe not too funny for Paul), when he finally got out and there was a sweat shirt stuck to the guitar's head, Nicky but on a big smile. - During one encore some pretty drunk guy came onto the stage talking to Charlie, who told the audience (maybe not the
exact words): "Hey, this guy's complaining that he was not on the guest list .... So excuse me for half an hour while I get him onto the guest list!" He took a step back and now it was his turn to put on a big smile.
Great evening great concert. At the end I tried to help a bit at the merchandise stand. And we had final talks and said good byes. Nick and Alvin seemed to be pretty optimistic as to a possible return on the next German tour, we will have to see, but I'll be waiting ;-)
Last word has to go out to an unknown asshole who stirred up some trouble after the show, which led to quite a bit disappointment among certain people involved. I don't want to go into details, but everyone involved should know what I am talking about. I hope the bad vibes are gone!
Thanks to: Charlie, Nicky, Alvin for being back together again, Tommy for taking the seat and pounding well, Kurt for being there again and again for soooo long now, Paul and Zoe for the help and smiles and to all the fans (minus one) for the loud WARHEAD chants.
Rafael Kwasigroch 21-Jan-2000


Caught Libertine's CD Release Party at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse this past Saturday night. Absolutely powerful show, great songs and a captivating performance by Belvy and his band. Probably 200-250 in the audience and they were really into the show and demanded and received a two song encore performance. I think you guys have a great group on your label...keep on promoting them, they'll keep playing shows...and who knows what the future could bring for Libertine and Substandard. By the way, Libertine's new CD looks fantastic...great packaging!
- Regards, Mark


Ultraman is actually playing out again. The only original member is the singer Tim. I saw them play at the Creepy Crawl (St Louis) about a month ago and they sounded better than ever! I was shocked, thinking they'd kinda blow. Rob was at the show and sang a song and even grabbed a guitar and joined in for a song or two. It sounds like they are starting to play out on a regular basis... Jason Rerun 1999

9-Dec-1999 Manchester, Witchwood Tavern:

UK SUBS: (12/9/99)  Witchwood Tavern, Manchester England,
The Witchwood is a great venue, small, intimate and atmospheric. The stage is few inches high and the band are just there, right in front of you. First, the Victims of Radiation delivered a well received set, the lead singer has a major image. Then the Subs appeared to sort out their gear and Nicky spent a few minutes removing about 50 meters of bandage from his leg. Then they were on. Alvin was back on bass with Nicky and Charlie, but Gary was still off sick and Tommy from One Way System was on drums.
An initial hitch and then they rip into the set. CID for starters. Energy was being burned by the band and the audience with a manic pogo-ing crowd straight into action. Charlie apologizes for not dressing up, he is modeling a restrained black sweatshirt with skull and cross bones and rather smart patch pocket trousers , explaining that they have just got in from Scotland where it never stopped raining, except when it snowed. 'All my gear is piss wet through' .
Nicky delivered each song with power and aggression, like he'd not played them before. Belting out the backing vocals, performing of his trademark leaps and dropping to his knees or virtually doing the splits. His energy rubbed off on Charlie who seemed to be pogo-ing and dancing more than I remember.
The set motored on with some great highlights, Squat 96, Police State, Emotional Blackmail and into a fantastic Tomorrows Girls. The front section of the audience was getting more and more frenzied and the security had to line up along the front of the stage,
massive though the are it doesn't seem to slow the action. Jumpers get ripped, mikes get knocked, groups of people crash to the floor, or the monitors or the stage. Nicky's mike stand takes a heavy hit and Charlie has to help out by holding both his own and Nicky's
mikes in place. Nicky swaps sides with Alvin for the vocals.
The main set is nearing it's end as Live in a car, Warhead, Riot and finally Stranglehold drive on. Charlie shares the vocal duties with the crowd.
A short break and they're back without Charlie, who is standing in the audience chatting to his girlfriend and watching the band. Then he's back and the set carries on with Rockers, Limo Life, Party in Paris. And they're are gone, but never far, the Subs are mixing with the fans as ever. I'm out in the rain with 'born a rocker, die a rocker' looping round my brain and a huge ringing in my ears. That's my Subs experience over, until tomorrow!
Richard Henderson 19-Dec-99

UK SUBS (12/10/99) , Rio, Bradford England
It was just over a year since I'd seen the Subs play the Rio, and only Charlie was still there from that line up. This is a big venue with a large stage and dance floor. With no support band the band kick off about 10, but I'm still stuck in the world's slowest curry house round the corner. Should have gone to the one the band went to earlier.
We get there about four songs in, the line up is the same as the night before, Charlie, Nicky, Alvin and Tommy. The crowd is the usual mix of mental pogo-ing at the front and restrained support from further back.
A few stage divers join the fun and the band cracks on, seemingly enjoying the big stage. This line-up delivers the songs with more emotion and detail than last years, though with maybe a bit less pace. Every song stands out and it's hard pick out highlights.
Before you know it, Alvin kicks into the intro to Warhead, and gets the expected reaction from the crowd, but not from Nicky who climbs up a lighting gantry on the right of the stage and hangs out with his back at some bizarre angle. He then plays the whole song hanging upside down!
When the band go off after the main set we have to wait a while for the encore but it comes, and it's too much for the crowd. First one gets up on stage and another and another. Before you know it the UK Subs has 20 backing singers and dancers, not exactly Hot Gossip, but… Charlie struggles to keep the vocals going and Nicky takes a step back from his mike, tough there are plenty of volunteers to take over. The set is played out with two very respectable looking types belting out the songs.
Richard Henderson 20-Dec-99

DEAD LAZLO'S PLACE: 1999 Silverlake
At 9:30 pm, to a drunken Silverlake crowd Dead Lazlo's Place hit the stage for the first time in over a year in Los Angeles county (as per the singer, Gizz). With an opening onslaught of 5 songs that included cuts from their recent release on New Red Archives, the guys cranked out songs from "Lonely Street", "Three Sheets to the Wind", "Bitter End",
"40 Ounces", and "Punk Rock Sleazebag Bastard" And they also did covers of "I Want the Moon" (by Leatherface) and "Emotional Blackmail" (UK Subs). New songs played were called, "All Tore Down", "Blues For Jerry" and "Weak End". These rock harder than most bands in the Los Angeles area. Some of the announcements made were the addition of new drummer, John Diss, and that they have been selected as 1 of 10 finalist in the
Yoo-Hoo Warped Speed Competition. I suggest you see these guys live before they play Wapred Tour 2000.... Paul Dice 1999

We drove 5 hours to see BadTown Boys and Dead Lazlo's Place 'together on the same bill' for the first time in 5 years. Including myself, about 20 people showed up to see the bands.

At 8:15pm most of the crowd left because the Security wouldn't let them in and the Promoter didn't want the show to happen. After a half hour sound check (the sound guys fault) the BadTown Boys were ready to play!
The dickhead promoter asked the bands to leave because she wasn't going to pay any of the them, but BTB wouldn't hear of it and didn't leave! The BadTown Boys played their whole set for me and my brother (that
drove from LA to Vegas with me) and everyone that stayed in the parking lot - FOR FREE! They let as many people in through the back door as they could and played songs from their brand new album on New Red Archives, "Another Fine Day". For two songs the PA system was turned down and you could hear the vocals but they played as though there were 10,000 people there. Someone from DLP/BTB road crew went to the control room and turned up the vocals because the sound man wasn't even paying attention. BTB played songs like "Stay With Me Baby", "Take Me Back", "Jenna", and "2 Punx" perfectly. The drummer, Gizz' did a short but to the fuckin' point drum solo on "I Will Succeed" that absolutely rocked! Guitarist, Tommy tried to get the kids to watch Gizz closely as he was to fuck up the solo he didn't want to do. He did not, he succeeded! Stephan, the NEW vocalist sings better than the old one, in my opinion. During an old song (from the 1st record) called "Rocking a Go-Go" he jumped off the stage and danced with a pretty little female in the front row. After that the pit started for another old song called "Intoxication" (I think this is the Badtown International Anthem!). The new line-up, I'd have to say is 10 times stronger and tighter than the old line-up I saw them with in 1993 (only 3 members from that line-up are left). After the show the guys from BTB as well as some of DLP invited some of the crowd (including us) back to their road manager, Ryan's house for cookies and milk... haha! They made my first trip to Las Vegas a night to hang over... I mean, to remember! ---Paul Dice

We got the chance to hang out with bands over breakfast at the Stardust on the Strip. After our meal some of us hung out on the Strip at the casino's while a few DLP members went to a local tattoo/piercing shop owned and operated by their friends local band, The Vermin. We met up later at "the house" again for a swim and some cold refreshing drinks. At 9:30pm we all headed for the Serene Lounge.

At 11:00pm BadTown Boys hit the stage with a vengeance. Singer, Stephan apparently was ill with the flu as was Tommy, but no one could tell. Energy baby! Novice bassist, Sean played even better than the previous nights performance. BadTown Boys played the same set with a few added bonuses like jokes and bad jokes. A lot of the crowd were there to see if the rumors were true that this band called BadTown Boys actually existed! BadTown Boys played faster and tighter on this night and ended their show with "I Can't Change the World" from their new album. As the band rang out and banged the last chord Dead Lazlo's Place just came up and changed guitars and kept the chord ringing... then WHAM! DLP slammed their way into and through their entire 12-plus song set without a break. These guys are funny live. It's like a concert and comedy show all in one. But the best part is still - back to back sets from these two bands! I've never seen two bands do this... ever! No between the
bands set-up time whatsoever. Ike, the master DLP/BTB guitarist smoked his way through two half-hour sets, he is and amazing talent! And Gizz walked off the drums and then fronted Dead Lazlo's Place, in his own
words, "not bad for a fat bastard, huh?". I'd say so! The DLP set was just perfect and the crowd loved every minute. Except for the 4 people sitting at the front table. Gizz went and sat with them for an entire song and yawned while their friends laughed at them just sitting there. The bass player, Rory (or Steve, I don't know? Everyone calls him different names) is a madman with his bass playing style. Similar to that of Karl Alvarez' (ALL/Decedents) style but much faster! Chris, the DLP guitar player was all over the place with his guitar and he even did an over the back of his head solo on the last song, "Punk Rock Sleazebag Bastard". Drummer, John was sick with the flu too but did his best behind the skins. After DLP's last song, Chris DLP introduced his
ex-band mates, The Bad Samaritans. It was their singers, Eric's 21st (more like 40th) birthday and he got bucket nakeds! SICK!!! If you ever have a chance to see both bands together on the same bill... DO SO, it's amazing!! ---Paul Dice

Accustomed To Nothing (10/9/99), Lake County Fairgrounds

A2N headlined this show and it was fucking unreal, about 300 kids came out to see them. We all thought A2N was broken up or something, but they are still rocking and better than ever. They played for about an hour and people were screaming for more. All the classic old songs like Uniform, 25centring, Einsteinium, .. plus whole shitload of new stuff that kept the crowd moving till the end. They are definitely the kings of small town rock and lake county will be waiting for the next release and of course the next show. (Matt Shaw)





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