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Here's the article written by Al Pike

It was sometime in December of 1982. A very, very cold winter night. We were to play A7 tonight and there was one more band to play before us. I believe it was Urban Waste-a band I really enjoyed before they got a new singer and bass player. They were so humble—”aw we aren't too good” that kinda stuff. If I was a producer back then I would have pounced on these guys before they blew into this ego maniacal monster band (a reason they broke up). Tonight people were dancing hard and learning the new 1 2 punch step that was beginning to rear its ugly violent head in dance pits. They watch the nasty bastards doing it and everyone joins in.Real fun!!! The beginning of the end of happy fun Hardcore punk with your friends—now its “watch your neighbor” and “security Guard” We hit the stage-literally. We're into the second song “New Aryans”and out comes mohawk man and he slashes two innocent girls right in the front near the stage-not cut up but they took a good fall. They left the area. Then our favorite song for the Crowd and us, “No Class” starts and out comes New York's resident Happy Russian,“Boobie”, a nice fella, very large, muscular, and a decent person—until tonight you see, he’s been spyin this new move “the propeller”spinning arms in circles and hitting whoever in its path.I liked this guy-I didn't like what he was doing tho—He was rounding the stage and I jumped on his back, remember I'm still playing my bass until the moment he hit the floor—thud. Lucky for me it was in a low “E” the note I needed for that specific part of the song. He looks up at me, shook his head and I motioned“STOP IT”. He did. We went on to finish an intense set with everyone listening to Dave’s words of wisdom—lets have fun tonight—we dont need to hurt each other, people often listened to him. A good kid that David—- I miss him and those times. After the show I caught up with Boobie and I apologized for “jumping on friend” and I told him my reason—he doesn't need to be a bruiser he is a great man without hitting people—he was very happy with that - it was a moment Ill never forget because it was late, the sky was beginning to lighten up, the street lights were on. Off this man walks into the night - until tomorrows show. Thanks everyone once again for buying my CD Reagan Youth "Live & Rare"

- Al Pike


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