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What is your approach to being the singer of the Legendary Reagan
Youth. How are you balancing keeping it Reagan Youth, but avoiding being a Dave clone?

When I got the job singing for Reagan Youth I knew exactly whose shoes I was filling, but at the same time I didn't put any pressure or feel any pressure from the band to be like Dave Insurgent. That would of been the worst way to approach being in the band. I'm not Dave Insurgent nor do I try to be. Dave Insurgent was a legend, as is Paul Cripple, Al Pike, Steve, Johnny Aztec. Together they crafted these classic songs that I'm honored to sing. Dave's lyrics are his true legacy. It's amazing or maybe not so amazing that some 20 odd years later his words are as poignant today as they were when he first wrote them. Racism, hatred, poverty, indifference, drugs, pollution, war, corrupt politicians and governments are still problems of today. Of course Reagan Youth was and is a political band but Dave kept himself, and by himself ke kept us, the epicenter, he didn't sing about issues as if they were happening far, far, away, to some unseen peoples instead he sang about how the worlds problems affected the individual. But more so he called people to protect themselves by fighting back. Reagan Youth is shoves the issues in your face, every song has a message but it's delivered with a sense of irony and most importantly a dark sense of humor. And this is the way I approach singing for Reagan Youth, I rally the crowd who know the words just well as I do to sing with me, scream with me, to have a fuckin great time. We feel every lyric, every line, every call for change, every metaphoric fuck you to the world, every "Sieg Heil,"every, "Degenerated," to know that we're singing about something important. We're not just going through the motions like some fuckin cover band.
This how I keep it Reagan Youth and this is how I try to honor the memory of Dave Insurgent.
Jan 2007



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