Four song seven inch on purple vinyl. New Jersy’s answer to punk rock and I like it a lot!! The opening song, Classified is the shit! Fast and punk rockin’, just the way I like it. Where’s my full-lenth, Nicky? - I want my Dehumanized CD now, goddamnit!!! The Opeining of side two kills me and the first song, “Problems” reminds me of earlier label mates like Reagan Youth and Ultraman. I hope these guys stick it out and record many great records. To You finishes and now I’m bummed. Recommended!    - Censor This #11, Ocober ‘98

Very cool, and it’s from Jersey believe it or not. Four ball-crushing early ‘80s HC style songs with a total Street Punk attitude. Blazing guitar work with great dual vocals. Good lyrics about all those punk things you love. Good 7”. The album should be out soon.    - UTV Pretty decent straight ahead punk. Snotty, barb-wirey Dick Subhuman vocals with slight gashuff wheeze/whine. The lyrics are standard stuff about cops being bad, stuff about ‘them’ and ‘them’ being bad, all of the ‘i’s are crossed with x’s., and despite all of this, rocks pretty hard. Cool guitars that flay, intersect, and divebomb around with the drums capturing the edgy, delirious spasm that the Dead Kennedys patented. The sounds of the words come out like the vocalist’s getting attacked by a swarm of insects injecting him with enough poison to get him pissed without hospitalization. Action packed. Comes in Jolly Rancher gape vinyl (but doesn’t taste like it).    - Flipside #114, September ‘98

Politically-dirven, angst-filled hardcore punk fucking rock. These kind of bands usually leave you breathless in the old school pit and give you little recovery time in between songs. This comes on purple see-through vinyl but the music alone is worth it.    - Rats in the Hallway #9, October ‘98

Punk rock. NO pop, just punk. Lyrics dealing with what seems to be aobut the government. This isn’t bad at all. Tight, fast and pissed off. Sounds like it should have come out in the mid-’80’s, not the late 90’s. --Double Decker #3, October ‘98

Things have been a little quiet on the New Red Archives front recently but, if this 7” is anything to go by, they’re still alive and kicking like a punk rock mother fucker throwing himself around his bedroom to badly copied Dead Kennedys tapes. This is what another of our reviewers would describe as ‘punk fucking rock’ but with an element of melodic catchiness, a big dose of awesome energy and just a general air of appreciation for mid-eighties US punk rock. In fact DEHUMANIZED are so god-damn punk I bet they don’t even stop at red lights. Yeah... that’s how punk rock DEHUMANIZED are.    --Fracture #4, October ‘98

Anti-societal, anti-authority punk rock wound tight with angry lyrics and frantic vocals. Sort of reminds me of the Circle Jerks crossed with Anti-Flag.   - Spank #25, October ‘98

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