Live Reviews

The Dehumanized have just finished their first tour of the USA opening for vintage Dh8thum.JPG (16974 bytes)UK punk band Chelsea. The NRA staff caught shows in Southern and Northern California where the band turned in exceptionally tight sets each night. The show in New York City, as special guests on the Social Chaos tour, was a bit tentativeDh6thum.JPG (25915 bytes)e as they broke in the new bass player Jones. However after a couple of shows they really opened up and showed that they are one of the most caustic yet incredibly tight punk bands in the country. They also played a number of new songs which were every bit as strong as the old favorites like "Fuck You Where's My Brew", "Classified" and "Confessions". Sol and Chris still swap vocals and guitar licks but now Jones adds a strong third vocal to the mix. The Cocodrie show was pretty packed for a mid week and Dehumanized really worked the crowd even with broken strings, the Covered Wagon the next night was not so well attended, butDh7thum.JPG (25912 bytes) Dehumanized still ploughed through the set with conviction. In the audience, Singer Eva Jay Fortune, Liz from Squat and Nicky from the UK Subs.

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