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Day One - New Orleans July 15th

BadTown Boys/Dead Lazlo's Place drummer Gizz Navarro offered to stand in for this three week tour. Former Samiam drummer Dave Ayer, who recorded the two 20th anniversary albums and subsequently toured with us in 1997, disappeared without trace, while Matt McCoy, originally slated to play, pulled out only two weeks before the first show. I had a quick rehearsal in Los Angeles with Gizz and Tommy Komisar (BadTown Boys) who stood in on Bass, before driving to San Francisco to catch the flight to New Orleans. On arrival at New Orleans airport Gizz and I moved over to the international arrival area where Charlie, Alvin, Vice Squad, The Vibrators and The Business were due to arrive.
The flight carrying the punk veterans had mechanical problems so the entourage arrived on flight 897 late at night. Most of the party looked amazingly well preserved after 20 years. We had already picked up our van but waited until Randy (Pooch booking) arrived from Florida. First to arrive however, was tour manager "Tool" wearing a felt Viking hat complete with fake blond pig tails - no good can come of this!


Charlie Harper Quote Of The Day

After trouble with the work permits, plane broke down and the band arrived really late.

Charlie "It couldn't all go smooth could it"

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L to R
Eddy (Vibrators), Gregor (Vibrators), Mick (L.E.S. Stitches), Mark (Anti-Heros), Nicky (UK Subs), Knox (Vibrators), Dave (Chelsea)