UK Subs


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Scrap Book


Crass/UK Subs Poster May 7 1978 Hand screened by Crass

Sounds July 8th 1978 After 18 months of live shows, the Subs finally get a major feature

Sounds Aug 12th 1978 Gary Bushell interview

Sounds Aug 1978 Roxy tour of Scottland

South London Press Sept 22nd 1978 Banned From The Pubs

The Sun May 28th 1979 Prince Charles gets invited to the UK Subs show

Sounds June 30th 1979 Front Cover
Sounds June 30th 1979 1
Two Page interview with Pete Davies and Nicky Garratt

Sounds June 30th 1979 2

New Musical Express July 7th 1979 Subs sign film deal

Sunday People Oct 28th 1979 Church controversy over Subs Film "Punk Can Take It"

Melody Maker March 19th 1980 The Debut of the Harper/Garratt/Gibbs/Roberts Line-Up

Melody Maker Feb 28th 1981 Part 1 UK Subs feature in Ireland
Melody Maker Feb 28th 1981 Part 2

Joepie 1981 Articale in Dutch

Muziekkrant Oor April 1981 Part 1 UK Subs feature in Dutch
Muziekkrant Oor April 1981 Part 2

German Magazine 1982 In German

MN March 1983 Page 1 Spread about the infamous UK Subs/Republika tour in Polish
MN March 1983 Page 2
MN March 1983 Page 3
MN March 1983 Page 4

Slowo Powszechne Feb 22nd 1983 Small article in Polish

New York Press Feb 1983 Subs At CBGB's

Village Voice Jan 18th 1983 A shot of Nicky in the air from an article about CBGB's NY

KN August 18th 2004 Overview for the Euro tour in German

Fabrik, Hamburg January 2006 Small article in the Fabrik club magazine in German

The Drama Media Australia March 2007 Article during the first Australian/New Zealand tour

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