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Background Justin Sane and I watched this band rip in New Jersey opening for the UK Subs/Anti-Flag tour. They were without doubt the best band to open the whole six week tour, and I offer them a deal on the spot. This four piece band feature the duel lead guitar/vocalists of Sol Caceres and Chris Jefferson who take turns swapping vocal and guitar parts. Along with rhythm section Kevin Poznanski & John Cadavero this is punk how it used to be played on the East coast and The Bad Brains, Government Issue & Minor Threat comparisons are already flying.
About This Release A foretaste of the upcoming album "Problems first".


Key Selling Points
  • Featured on the “At War With Society” compilation which has sold 77,000 to date.
  • Colored Vinyl


Tracks 1. Classified
2. Officer Hypocrite
3. Problems
4. To You
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