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Lonely Street


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Background Los Angeles based Dead Lazlo’s Place formed in 1990. This five piece punk band feature two members of “The Badtown Boys” and have appeared on a numerous comps. in addition to a number of seven inch singles. Some of these include “Angel”, “Shameless” & “Who the #%!@ is Thom?”, a split 7” with FOR SALE and “Turn Up The Suck”. They did an extensive US tour in 1998 to promote "Lonely Street". They are led by Badtown Boys drummer Gizz Lazlo and play a mix of rockin' hardcore which sometimes sound a little like Samiam.


About This Release Lonely Street was recorded by Micheal Rozon at Speed Semen Clove Factory


Key Selling Points
  • Active touring band
  • Features two members of LA's Badtown Boys


Tracks 1. Lonely St.
2. Funless
3. P.B. & J.
4. 40 Ounces
5. Punk Rock Sleazebag Bastard
6. Moments Of Clarity
7. Three Sheets To The Wind
8. Broken Shell
9. Mexican G-Haad
10. Bitter End
11. Stubborn
12. Death For The Dead
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